The Eight Truths of Athas

1. The World is a Desert. Athas is a hot and arid land, filled with endless dunes and rocky barrens. Cities and villages typically only exist at oases and sparse verdant plains. The crimson sun looms overhead, causing temperatures to reach 100 degrees before noon, and temperatures in excess of 130 degrees before nightfall.
2. The World is Savage. Blood-thirsty raiders and savages roam the wastes, and slavery is openly practiced and accepted as a part of daily life.
3. Metal is Scarce. The secret of smithing and metallurgy has been lost on Athas for centuries. Most armor and weapons are made from wood, stone, and animal by-products.
4. Arcane Magic Defiles the World. Reckless use of arcane magic long ago has transformed Athas into the wasteland it is today. Arcane practitioners are reviled and persecuted throughout Athas, but there are those who use their gifts in secret and strive to preserve –and possibly restore–the land to its former glory.
5. Sorcerer-Kings Rule the City-States. Mighty spell-casters hold dominion over the seven city-states of Athas. Some claim to be gods, some their representatives, but all of them have immense power and rule through their priests and enforcers known as templars.
6. The Gods are Silent. Long ago, the primordials overthrew the gods of old. Athas has no clerics or paladins, and all of its shrines lie in the midst of ancient ruins.
7. Fierce Monsters Roam the Wilds. The beasts of burden and wild predators of our world are not present in Athas. Lions, wolves, and bears have been replaced by id fiends, baazargs, and tembos, while settlers use crodlus and mekillots to pull wagons and ride to war.
8. Familiar Races Aren’t What You Expect. Typical fantasy stereotypes don’t apply to the world of Dark Sun. Elves are nomadic bandits and tricksters, while halflings are xenophobic, cannibalistic riverfolk.

Class Restrictions.

The following restrictions are in place regarding class selection:
• No Divine or Hybrid characters.
• No Assassins, Swordmages, or Artificers.

Race Restrictions.

The following restrictions are in place regarding race selection:

  • Players should select races outlined in the Players Handbooks I-III. That being said, the following are not allowed: devas, gnomes, kalashtar, wilden, githzerai, warforged, shadar-kai, or eladrin. The latter two races exist, but they are very rare to Athas.
  • Muls (half-dwarfs) and thri-kreen are native to Athas and are encouraged as character selections.
  • Gnolls and genasi are more prevalent as PC’s in Athas than in the standard D&D world, and therefore, these are also acceptable as PC’s.

Character Options

  • You may roll a d10 and select a Wild Talent per the chart on page 81 of the Dark Sun Campaign Setting.
  • Check the Inherent Bonuses box on the Manage tab (This is the screen on the CB that has your character’s name, alignment, etc.)

Dark Sun - Sand and Blood

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