Dark Sun - Sand and Blood

Assassin Ambush

The party continued its journey defeating ambushes of silt runners and assassins sent from House Tsalaxa. One of them was left alive by the group, and he is now a prisoner of the group.

Chapter 3 - Treasure Quest

The party returned to Altaruk and returned the puzzle box to Eyesmeda. After discussing the contents, she requested the party to lead the guard of a caravan to determine if the vault truly does exist.

The group made its way to the first checkpoint, the oasis of Silver Springs. The party defeated an ambush of the gang known as the Crimson Vipers, worth a small reward in the Tablelands.

Tomb of Haruuc

The party made their way past a strange pulsing wall of sand and encountered a group of cultists in purple cloaks. After dispatching the defilers, the party stumbled into Haruuc’s tomb to find a necromancer disturbing the warlord’s remains. Before vanishing, the man reanimated the corpses of Haruuc, his lieutenants, and his warhounds. The party defeated Haruuc and his minions, which triggered the sand walls to collapse, sinking the temple once more.

Amram grabbed the puzzle box before the temple disappeared once more. The group opened it to find a clue suggesting that the Vault of House Daroam lay somewhere within the Canyon of Gothay.

Chapter 2: The Warlord's Crypt

Our adventurers were hired by Eyesmeda Gwynnyck, a Dray merchant of House Tomblador, to retrieve a puzzle box from the recently uncovered tomb of her ancestor, Haruuc. The previous search party had reported back that there were ghosts haunting the tomb.

After trekking across the desert and encountering an id fiend, which showed our heroes their darkest fears, our party made it to the tomb of the Dray warlord. They were able to solve the riddle of the entrance and entered the tomb. They soon discovered that a hive of kruthiks had made their home in the outer portion of the crypt and that the bugs were a little bit dead before they arrived.


The party soon learned Kaldras’ true intentions: selling them into slavery! The party clashed with the elf, his kin, and two kank spitters long enough for Tellemon, captain of the Altaruk city guard, to stop the fighting. After hearing both sides of the story, the captain ordered the two groups to settle their differences in the arena with a game of Coins in the Coffer. The heroes handily won the game, though not without a few scratches and a late intercession of aid by Kaldras himself. Tellemon paid the party the wages owed to them by the elf, and he also gave Peren a magical longsword as reward for their performance in the games.

Chapter 1: Road to Altaruk

After a successful adventure, our intrepid band of heroes came across an opportunity for work and a new comrade in arms, the Thri-Kreen fighter, Tak-Tha. Kaldras, an elven trader and member of the Moonrunner tribe, contracted the group to protect and guide his caravan of ceramic wares and kanks to the city of Altaruk.

After traveling for several days through the stony barrens and sandy wastes, the party was ambushed by wasteland raiders and a group of their slaves. Despite Arjan nearly dying again, the party was victorious, and they were able to guide the caravan to safety within the walled city of Altaruk.

Kaldras told the party that he was off to fetch their payment, but the adventurers soon discovered that this job was a setup. Kaldras meant to sell them into slavery!

Introduction - Our Tale Begins

The characters met in the dwarven settlement of Kled, looking for work. They were quickly hired by the Balican dwarf Rhotan Vor, head of the Wavir trade post in Altaruk, to locate a lost wagon as well as its cargo and drivers.

After an encounter with silt runners that left Arjhan on death’s door, the party managed to find the remnants of the wagon near a broken tower. They were able to defeat the small group of silt runners, who were being lead by a ssurran shaman. The drivers and cargo were secured, and the caravan made it safely back to Kled for their reward.


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