Dark Sun - Sand and Blood

Chapter 1: Road to Altaruk

After a successful adventure, our intrepid band of heroes came across an opportunity for work and a new comrade in arms, the Thri-Kreen fighter, Tak-Tha. Kaldras, an elven trader and member of the Moonrunner tribe, contracted the group to protect and guide his caravan of ceramic wares and kanks to the city of Altaruk.

After traveling for several days through the stony barrens and sandy wastes, the party was ambushed by wasteland raiders and a group of their slaves. Despite Arjan nearly dying again, the party was victorious, and they were able to guide the caravan to safety within the walled city of Altaruk.

Kaldras told the party that he was off to fetch their payment, but the adventurers soon discovered that this job was a setup. Kaldras meant to sell them into slavery!



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