Dark Sun - Sand and Blood

Tomb of Haruuc

The party made their way past a strange pulsing wall of sand and encountered a group of cultists in purple cloaks. After dispatching the defilers, the party stumbled into Haruuc’s tomb to find a necromancer disturbing the warlord’s remains. Before vanishing, the man reanimated the corpses of Haruuc, his lieutenants, and his warhounds. The party defeated Haruuc and his minions, which triggered the sand walls to collapse, sinking the temple once more.

Amram grabbed the puzzle box before the temple disappeared once more. The group opened it to find a clue suggesting that the Vault of House Daroam lay somewhere within the Canyon of Gothay.


Thalgorn triumphantly grabbed the great axe as it fell from the hand of the fallen undead Haruuc as well as the fallen warlord’s armor. A great day for the half-giant indeed.

Tomb of Haruuc

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